TENS Machine

Tensanator – Muscle Pain Reliever

The Tensanatorrelieves muscle pain wherever you have it from your neck to your legs to your back. It utilizes a low frequency of current of 100HZ to stimulate blood circulation and reduce muscle pain without side effects. The Tensanatoris small light and portable and has been designed by physicians to ensure it actually does its job – relieve pain in a short and convenient time period. 

The Tensanatorutilizes Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (T.E.N.S) which stimulates the body to produce natural morphine with constant gentle stimulation of nerve, muscle and cells. T.E.N.S. has already been used for over a decade and we have been refining to the point where it is now – to provide the quickest and most effective pain relief. 

Pain relief comes within five to fifteen minutes after using it and you use it for twenty minutes or less each time. 

With a view to good hygiene, each Tensanatorcomes with four gel patches which can be used up to a total of forty times. More gel pads can be ordered separately in packs of ten.