VagiQUICK is a qualitative rapid diagnostic test designed to detect Candida antigens in the vaginal secretion sample with 91,3% accuracy.

With the help of VagiQUICK women can quickly and easily find out if they have a vaginal yeast infection. Test cassette method with an antigen-antibody principle (immunoassay) is used. The test results can be read through the appearance of a line in the test field. The package contains all the necessary items needed for the test: a test cassette, a bag with desiccant, a smear swab and a detailed instruction for use. The test results can be read after 5-10 minutes.


“Vulvovaginal candidiasis (VVC) is an insidious infection that a&icts a large proportion of women of all ages, and 5 to 8% of affected women experience recurrent VVC (RVVC)” 
(Zhou et. al., 2009).


  • pruritus vulvae
  • vulval soreness; white, “cheesy” discharge, the discharge is non-offensive
  • foul-smelling or purulent discharge suggests bacterial infection; dyspareunia (superficial); dysuria (external)