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Bowl cancer is the third most common cancer in the world, cancer mortality can be reduced if cases are detected and treated early. Hidden blood in stool which is an indication cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be detected with a FOB screening test.

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FOBCHECK is a rapid one-step test for the qualitative detection of human hemoglobin in fecal samples.
FOBCHECK is designed to help diagnose gastrointestinal disorders and detects human hemoglobin (Hb) with a cut-of level of 40 ng/ml.
In addition to possible intestinal diseases such as diverticulitis, colitis, or colon polyps, the blood in the stool sample may indicate an early stage of the colorectal cancer.
Each kit contains everything necessary for the test performance: a test cassette, an instruction leaflet, a sampling tube with developer solution and sample transfer device.
The results can be read within 5 minutes.